Green Inferno: Surviving Hungry Cannibals

Green Inferno: Surviving Hungry Cannibals

Eli Roth did it again with Green Inferno, a cannibal film that tips its hat to Italian director Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust. Unlike the Cannibal Holocaust that was made to look like documentary, Roth’s Green Inferno had a good story to substantiate the gore and the violence.


Dark comedy. This is where I would categorize Green Inferno. The basic premise of the movie is this: a bunch of college kid activists travel to Central America to protect the rainforests from destruction and their plane crashes in a part of the forest where there resides a tribe of cannibals. You can imagine how it all goes south from there.

If you are a fan of cannibal films, then this must be your guilty pleasure indeed. You will get what you came for; flesh-eating humans who like to barbecue strangers who enter their realm. What is scary is that it is not really impossible to happen. Surviving a plane crash and being barbecued by a group of natives who don’t speak English may just happen under the right (or wrong) circumstances, and the movie does present a valid scenario that is easily credible, thus the horror.

However, the darkly comedic treatment of the movie makes it reason enough for someone who is not a fan of cannibal films to go see it. Personally, I am not a fan of cannibal, supernatural horror and slasher films but I found myself laughing during many parts of the film. The comedic parts appeared very serious but turned out to be hilarious. I found myself laughing so hard while the characters were screaming in horror. And it was actually designed that way!

Green Inferno will be shown in the US on September 25, two days after it is shown in the Philippines. There has been some controversy surrounding the movie about a negative treatment of indigenous people, but I wouldn’t worry about it at all. I personally don’t think there is any wrong with the portrayal of the natives. It was clear enough in the movie that such a tribe is fictional.

Enjoy Green Inferno with your friends who are above 18. It is a R-rated movie so make sure that you do not have minors with you. Also do stick around for the mid-credits scene.

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