Augusto Boboy Syjuco talks about his views on governance

Augusto Boboy Syjuco talks about his views on governance

Augusto Boboy Syjuco has met with select movie press people during the launch of his series of webisodes, short digital films showcasing Tito Boboy’s humor and personal experiences.

Held at his Forbes Park home, the launch event saw the movie press people who were treated to showings of the first 5 webisodes of his life story and anecdotes from this family’s experiences during the 2nd World War, experiences that made him what he is today. Links¬† to these digital films can be seen at the end of this post. Prior to meeting with the bloggers, Augusto Boboy Syjuco produced a series of Youtube videos which he calls “Batok Awards”. In these videos, he talks about the problems in government caused by what he labels as inefficiency and incompetence. In the video below, Tito Boboy talks about the recent booboo of the customs commissioner Lina. Tito Boboy believes Lina should be given a “batok” for his mistakes. Batok is Filipino for nape, it also means headslap.

Being in government for many years, Tito Boboy has his own opinion and recommendations on how things should be run. His various post-graduate degrees from some of the best universities here and abroad make the most qualified presidentiable in the country. Not only does he have the credentials, he also has the experience as he was a former congressman and a TESDA chief. In his time at TESDA. Tito Boboy instituted the ladderized system of education where students who cannot afford to go to tertiary institutions can get the necessary skills and certification so that they can get good quality and gainful employment, that way they are able to attend the university they really want.

The SSS fiasco

Tito Boboy has spent a great deal of time studying our problems with the Social Security System and, because he is not the populist type, he does agree strongly with the President in his administration’s effort to scrap the Colmenares bill asking for 2,000 peso pension hike for senior citizens. However, unlike the administration, Tito Boboy has a different take on the matter.

Syjuco believes that the SSS funds are far more depleted than what the administration would care to reveal. It is Tito Boboy’s opinion that the SSS will be bankrupt as soon as the next administration rolls in. Syjuco further explains that the funds of the SSS will be bone dry in less than a year. He believes that the President is delaying the inevitable, which is bankruptcy,¬† and that the administration is doing all it can so that the fall of the SSS will not be blamed with this administration but on the next. It is his belief that we need leadership that is transparent and pro-active, i.e., tackle the issues before they spin out of control.

Tito Buboy’s webisodes are available through these links. I hope you will enjoy watching them.

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