10th Spring Film Festival 2016 at the Shangrila Plaza Mall

10th Spring Film Festival 2016 at the Shangrila Plaza Mall

The 10th Spring Film Festival is going to be open to the public at the Cinemas of the Shangrila Plaza Mall from January 29 to February 7, 2016.  This film festival will showcase some of the best Chinese movies, in an attempt at familiarizing Filipino audiences with the Chinese culture including some customs shared with her neighbors Japan and Korea.

I do not have a list of the movies to be shown in the festival but I did have a good sample when I was present for the launch yesterday at the cinema area of the Shangrila Plaza Mall. Media attendees were treated to a showing of the movie “Say Yes” which I learned later was a remake of the 1990s Japanese soap opera “101st Marriage Proposal.” Here’s a sample episode of the original Japanese soap.

Here is a trailer of the of the Chinese movie “Say Yes”.

For those familiar with the original version, there are scenes excellently carried out in the Chinese version such as the scene where the lead male character says “I won’t die because I love you,” and the scene about the marriage proposal by a muddy beach. I personally don’t watch romantic comedies (rom-com) but this one was particularly touching because there are elements that Pinoys can relate to.

However, I was upset with the ending which turned out like a scene in a Mother Lily movie. Cheesy cinema is something I believe us Pinoys have no equal. I think the ending was a rip-off, bending to the obligatory fairy tale happy ending. Or I just might be too jaded.

A Korean version titled “101st Proposal” has, more or less, the same storyline and premise, but with the twist that in the midst of falling in love with the male character, the female lead meets another guy who looks just like her dead fiance. There’s the rub.

In this movie with various versions the premise is the same: a man goes on a blind date from a matchmaking service which is recognized by society to sort out possible incestuous relations or ensuring that those with similar surnames are not blood relatives. This is the same with the Japanese who call it the Omiai, meeting someone for the purpose of finding a spouse.

If this movie interests you, I suggest you watch it at the 10th Spring Film Festival at the Shangrila Plaza Mall from January 29 to February 7, 2016.

Admission is free.

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